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Trace Visualization

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Trace visualization enables the interactive analysis of dynamic system behavior and performance.


Traces of system behavior are a common artifact used to analyze the performance of computer systems.

Performance Explorer

Performance Explorer is an interactive tool for the offline visualization and analysis of traces of system performance.

We originally developed Performance Explorer (PE) as a tool to analyze the behavior of the Jikes Research Virtual Machine (JikesRVM). PE uses a flexible binary trace file format and provides a computational engine implementing a Java-like expression language. A user can interactively build visualizations consisting of different basic building blocks. Each visualization can combine information from any number of traces.

We plan to provide the source code for Performance Explorer at this location.


TuningFork is an interactive tool for the online visualization of system behavior.

Original TuningFork Current TuningFork

We have developed the original version of TuningFork at IBM Research for the online visualization of the behavior of real-time virtual machines, without affecting the virtual machines' real-time properties. IBM has completely rewritten our original prototype and is continuing to greatly extend it. TuningFork is now available as a free binary download from IBM.

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