Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics

Informatics is information plus automation.  It covers techniques and methods to represent, organize, store, access, communicate, and process information.  Informatics is a bit like mathematics.  It is a universal language and a powerful formalism to describe and analyze, and it is fundamental for science and engineering.  Informatics is a bit like engineering.  It is the practical and clever application of principles for a myriad of good uses.  It is invention, innovation, technology, and design.  Informatics is a bit like art, too.  It is a mix of imagination and skills, and also a sense of beauty.  And it is absolutely fascinating!

Informatics is everywhere.  It impacts and contributes to all aspects of human life in modern societies, and therefore it is a platform for exciting careers, not only in information technology but also in economics, health, aerospace, entertainment, and so many other sectors.

Informatics is our passion.  The Faculty of Informatics is home to a diverse group of excellent researchers and dedicated teachers.  We are engaged in several national and international research projects, and we offer a full curriculum that includes Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs, all taught in English. The Faculty continues to grow while keeping an enthusiastic, exciting, and vibrant environment for students and researchers.

Prof. Antonio Carzaniga
Dean of the Faculty of Informatics