This is a service provided by the University to help students in their search for a place to stay. The Office cannot guarantee full success at all times, but provides free one-to-one advice and information on what is available.

The Accommodation Service can assist you in several ways:

  • It runs a database with regularly updated vacancy adverts
  • It ensures a timely update (changes, deletions) of all information recorded in the database
  • It provides language assistance whenever applicants encounter difficulties in their contacts with letting agents or landlords
  • It provides basic information on tenancy laws and general guidelines on housing, procedures, etc. (http://www.admin.ch/ch/i/rs/2/221.213.11.it.pdf)

A Facebook group (www.facebook.com/usialloggi) has been set up to enable students to contact others in order to form groups to share houses or flats or for those in existing tenancies where a flat mate has moved out to recruit an additional person.

Privately-owned Castalia Telematic House (www.alloggiticino.ch) offers rooms in student apartments at reasonable prices (380 - CHF 580 monthly rent, including bills and 24/7 Internet connection).

The student-house “Casa dell’Accademia” (www.arc.usi.ch/en/l-accademia/campus/casa-dell-accademia) is a 10-minute walk from the Campus and close to the city centre; it can be easily reached by bus and from the railway station. It has 18 fully furnished apartments, each with 4 single rooms, 2 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a living room. Monthly rent is CHF 600 (service charges included) for a 10-month lease.

For more information about Casa dell’Accademia: