Enrolment in the Master's programme

The admission process culminates in the matriculation. Students are invited to follow the instructions listed in the letter of acceptance. They will report in person to the Faculty Secretariat, with the following documents:

  • Original of the Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent diploma;
  • Two passport-sized photographs;
  • Receipt of payment for semester tuition fees;
  • Certificate of ex-matriculation unless it was enclosed with the application file.

Enrolment must be renewed at the beginning of each semester. This is a condition for attending classes and examinations. To renew your enrolment, you need to pay the semester fees and update your student ID card.

To renew enrolment:

  • Update the plastic card: please insert the card in the machine located on the wall just inside the main entrance (the machine works from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm);
  • If your matriculation is confirmed, the information will be printed on the bottom part of the card.
  • Registration for the following semester is possible two weeks before the beginning of term.