Summer 2009 UROP Internship Project Proposals

Below you find the descriptions of the available UROP 2009 internship projects.

Summer 2009 UROP Internship Project Proposals
Project Description Slides Mentors/Sponsors
Workflow Support for Volunteer Computing   Francesco Lelli, Cesare Pautasso
Web APIs for Devices   Francesco Lelli, Mehdi Jazayeri
RESTful Service Mash-ups over Virtualized Data Centers   Alessio Gambi, Giovanni Toffetti, Mauro Pezzè
Web Application to Manage Documents   Mehdi Jazayeri
Media Access Control (MAC) for e-puck robots   Alexander Förster, Luca Maria Gambardella
Swarm Robots Demonstration with e-puck robots   Alexander Förster, Luca Maria Gambardella
Robot Arm Demonstration   Alexander Förster, Luca Maria Gambardella
Visualizing the jumps of LoopFrog   Aliaksei Tsitovich, Natasha Sharygina
Security Service Negotiation Protocol for MANETs   Alberto Ferrante, Antonio Vincenzo Taddeo
Self-managing Multi-Agent Systems — Experimenting with Decentralized Control   Alessio Gambi, Jochen Wuttke, Mauro Pezzè
An End User Programming Authoring Tool for the Web   Navid Ahmadi, Mehdi Jazayeri
Design and implementation of a traffic-adaptive medium access protocol for wireless sensor networks   Anna Förster, Antonio Carzaniga
HW/SW Co-Design and Test of Reconfigurable Accelerators Memory Interfaces   Giovanni Ansaloni, Laura Pozzi

In general, if you are interested in working in a specific research group, even one not mentioned above, please contact the corresponding professor directly.

Eligibility and Application Deadline

  • USI Informatics Bachelor or Master student before and after internship
  • Directly contact a project's mentor to apply (see names above)
  • Application deadline: Monday, June 15, 2009, 12:30 (by the deadline you should already agree with the project's mentor)

Acceptance and Funding

  • Funded by the Faculty of Informatics
  • Only a limited number of grants available
  • Acceptance is competitive
  • Decision is taken by the dean


Duration and Dates of Internship

  • Roughly 2 months
  • Start after exam period (~ June 22)
  • End before recovery exam period (~ August 29)