CSCI 7818-01
Meddling with Middleware

Class Projects

Date Last Changed: March 1, 2000 2:00 PM


As we indicated at the beginning of the semester, you will be required to choose, describe, implement, demonstrate, and document a class project involving some aspects of middleware. This means the project either does something interesting using one or more middleware sub-systems, or it builds a interesting kind of middleware sub-system.

The Process

There is a multi-step process you must follow in order to properly choose, implement, and document your project.
  1. Before March 8: provide us with a 2 page proposal describing the following items: Note that you will probably need to iterate with us about the scope of your project, so we encourage you not to wait to the last moment.
  2. March 15: be prepared to give a 10 minute class presentation describing your proposed project.
  3. April 5: be prepared to give a 30 minute design review of your project discussing requirements, design (including architecture), and implementation status. Note that we expect that this will spill over into the week of April 12, but do not assume you will have an extra week to prepare.
  4. April 19, 26: be prepared to give short status reports about your project
  5. May 3 (Final regular class): be prepared to give a demo (about 15 minutes) of your project.
  6. May 8: turn in a final report about your project. This report should include at least the following.

Time Commitment

We estimate that you should expect to spend about 80 hours on all phases of the project.

Collaboration Policy

We will allow no more than two people to collaborate on any one project, but we will expect substantially more out of such 2 person projects.

General Project Topics

We are open to a wide variety of projects. We do have certain biases based on the research directions we are currently pursuing:

Possible Specific Projects

The following list is derived from our interests, plus a few other ideas. They all need to be made specific. Alternatively, they might give you an idea for some other, related project.
  1. Run-time reconfiguration

  2. Siena-related projects

  3. Intrusion tolerance/Computer Immunology/Security

  4. Mobility

    Misc. Topics