CSCI 6268: Foundations of Computer and Network Security

Class Calendar -- Fall 2002

This page contains a tentative schedule for the course. All information reported here is subject to change.
Date Reading and Assignment Agenda
Aug 27 Tue Introduction and Overview
Aug 29 Thu Assignment 0 due: fill in survey form Intro to Cryptography (J)
Sep 03 Tue Assignment #1 out Block Ciphers (J)
Sep 05 Thu Block Ciphers (J)
Sep 10 Tue MOV 7.2.2, Survey thru 2.2.5 Modes of Operation (J)
Sep 12 Thu MOV 9.4, Survey thru 2.3 Hash Functions (J)
Sep 17 Tue Assignment #1 due; Assignment #2 out Hashing and MACs(J)
Sep 19 Thu Basic Number Theory (J)
Sep 24 Tue Public-Key Primitives (J)
Sep 26 Thu Efficient Implementations (J)
Oct 01 Tue Assignment #2 due Intro to protocols: goals, basic design principles, some typical attacks, key exchange protocols (A)
Oct 03 Thu n/a Midterm I    (Covering lectures through Tue Sep 26)
Oct 08 Tue Assignment #3 out Authentication protocols: mediated authentication, message authentication, hash-based authentication (A)
Oct 10 Thu n/a Fall Break -- No Class
Oct 15 Tue Stallings Sec. 4.2 SSL: basic structure of SSL/TLS (A)
Oct 17 Thu History, Law and Policy (J)
Oct 22 Tue Stallings Sec. 7.2 SSL II: protocol options and client/server example (A)
Oct 24 Thu Assignment #3 due; Assignment #4 out IPSec: basic architecture, AH, and ESP (A)
Oct 29 Tue Stallings Sec. 6.1-6.4 IPSec II: security associations and VPNs (A)
Oct 31 Thu Stallings Sec. 6.5-6.6 WEP (A)
Nov 05 Tue Secure E-Mail: S-MIME and PGP (A)
Nov 07 Thu Assignment #4 due, Stallings pp. 292-303 Intrusion Detection (A)
Nov 12 Tue Midterm II     (Covering lectures through Tue Oct 31)
Nov 14 Thu Assignment #5 out Buffer Overflows (J)
Nov 19 Tue Automated Software Checking (A)
Nov 21 Thu DNS, ICMP, Secure Routing (A)
Nov 26 Tue DDoS: Methods and Prevention (J)
Nov 28 Thu n/a Happy Thanksgiving -- No Class
Dec 03 Tue Assignment #5 due; Assignment #6 out Protocol Failures: WEP and WTLS (J)
Dec 05 Thu Firewalls and Packet Filtering (A)
Dec 10 Tue Stallings Sec. 10.1 System Security: models, OS and database security (A)
Dec 12 Thu Stallings Sec. 9.2 Malicious Code: threats (viruses, worms, etc.) and protection mechanisms (signature-based anti-virus, sandboxing) (A)
Dec 14 Sat Assignment #6 due Final Exam -- 1:30pm to 4pm -- Comprehensive