Master programme - Double degree.

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Section 1. Master programme - Double degree.

In the spirit of European co-operation, to set up and develop systems of academic exchange, the Faculty of Informatics of USI Università della Svizzera italiana in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano offers the unique opportunity to spend a period of time as study abroad aimed at achieving a double degree:

The double degree programme gives students the possibility to extend their curricula by replacing one year of study of the USI Master programme with two years of study at Politecnico di Milano.

During this experience the student has the opportunity to attend lectures not offered by their own University, and to benefit from the many other advantages provided by the host country, including gaining a deep comprehension of its culture and economy.

Graduates students with the double degree in Informatics have very good opportunities in both the EU (e.g., access to registration in the "ordine degli ingegneri", the Italian engineers register) and in the Swiss job markets.

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